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About Us

About Us – Texas Energy Options, Inc.

It started with a two hour conversation between the founder of Texas Energy Options (TEO) and the CEO and CFO of a major grocery chain in Texas. Texas Energy Options, Inc. was founded less than a year later in 2001, sitting on the client side of the table in a new and demanding market. Since then, we have worked tirelessly on our client’s behalf, first helping in the transition into the open electric markets in Texas and abroad, then in maintaining competitive operations as new terms arise.

Decisions need to be made in both regulated and deregulated markets. TEO presently represents over 300 sites in 22 states, consuming over 60 Megawatts of demand on over 1 Billion annual kW hours of consumption. The client base is diverse, from governmental to industrial, large commercial to small retail and residential.

And these clients are generally multi-year, maintaining TEO as their representative over the long term. While the near term decisions are bid oriented, the longer term concerns like budget maintenance, identification of performance issues and a response to the introduction of new concerns and opportunities, like power factor penalties and demand response programs, all keep us actively engaged in the ongoing operational decisions and needs of our clients.

TEO is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.